10 More Ads. 10 More Ideas for Great Copywriting.

Kushagra Oberoi
3 min readJan 14, 2024

80% of copywriting that I’ve learned…did it by breaking down and analyzing ads.

Here is the next best batch of ads I found and my insights…

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1. Porsche

Say you’re not the best.

But prove that you’re really near the top.

Make it a humble brag but keep it subtle.

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2. Nutella

You are not seeing the best chocolate spread.

You’re seeing something most people cannot resist.

Interactive + self-aware = Winning combination

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3. Tivibu

Don’t start your ad by telling a feature.

Describe a situation to show its importance.

Only then will people recognize its worth.

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4. Gegenbauer

If your product is a commodity, don’t say the obvious.

Instead, tell the world how great it is for every situation.

If it fits, it hits.

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5. Citi Bank

If a bank is telling you to live richly, you’d remember it.

The idea is counterintuitive but it works.

Say something people don’t expect you’d say.

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6. Shinola

Pick a villain.

And attack them with sarcasm.

You might find customers but you’d definitely discover a cult.

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7. Sheffield Business School

Steal from stand-up comedy.

Build the setup with sentence 1.

Introduce a punchline with sentence 2.

Source: Author

8. Listerine

The product is not only meant to do a job.

It can also be a friend.

A friend who helps you avoid awkward situations.

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9. HexClad

Pick a popular brand.

And use it to describe your product.

Say less, express more.

Source: Author

10. Nike

Think outside the industry your product exists in.

Treat it as a NEED that people WANT.

Build a ritual surrounding it.

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Which ad idea is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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