7 Creative Copywriting Formulas To Write High-Converting Copy Faster

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80% of newbie copywriters make the mistake of starting from a blank page.

This leads to frustration, time wastage, and eventually giving up.

That’s why I use copywriting systems.

Here are 7 *creative* formulas to help you write copy faster (apart from AIDA & PAS)

1. The BAB Formula

Before: How life was before you tried the solution

After: How the solution changed your life

Bridge: What you sell that proved to bridge the gap Like

Justin Welsh used it to write this hook👇🏻

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2. Three Reasons Why

Before you start writing, ask yourself these 3 questions from a reader’s perspective and answer them in your copy.

-Why are you the best?

-Why should I believe you?

-Why should I buy it right now?

Like this crispy copy from Smile Direct Club.

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3. The FAB Formula

Features: What your product has or can do

Advantage: How it helps your reader solve a problem

Benefit: What’s the desired outcome for the reader

Apple uses it to write product copy.

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4. The 3S Formula

Star: The main character of your story aka your one ideal reader.

Story: Their struggle story to find a solution.

Solution: Your solution that helps them achieve their desired outcome.

Look at how Discord uses the star-story-solution formula.

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5. The 4Ps Formula

Picture: Paint a picture inside your prospect’s head.

Promise: Show how your product will deliver value

Push: Nudge your reader to take action

Prove: Demonstrate how & why your solution is the best Like

Jon Brosio uses it to write thread hooks.

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6. So What Formula

Use this to convert any feature into a benefit.

Here’s how…list a feature. Ask so what?

Answer the question from a reader’s perspective till you arrive at a tangible outcome.

Outcome: “What’s in it for me?”

Like Apple’s copy for the iPod.

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7. The ACCA Formula

Awareness: Your customer’s problem

Comprehension: How the problem affects them

Conviction: Presenting your solution as the right one

Action: Motivate customers to take action

Like the Above The Fold section of a digital writing course called Ship30for30.

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Which new formula out of these are you planning to use more often?

Let me know in the comments!



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