7 High-Quality & Creative Copywriting Tips That Don’t Involve Templates or Formulas

Kushagra Oberoi
3 min readDec 3, 2023
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1. Use Parentheses

Parentheses are the brackets that offer extra information.

It is used to add more context, explanations, and clarity.

While also adding personality and a conversational tone to your copy.

Not to forget that (much-needed) visual break.

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2. Sell a Use Case

A use case essentially solves 2 things:

1. Your customer’s problem

2. The specific value your product brings

If your customers can see themselves using your product frequently, they are more likely to buy it.

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3. Frame it Differently

“Framing is the art of saying what you want your audience to understand.”

Look at how Smart Sweets uses the lens of statistics to show how they are a better option.

They don’t want to be THE BEST.

They just want to be the least sweet.

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4. Do a Bittersweet Complaint

1. Take a beneficial talking point of your product.

2. Write about it in a review style.

3. Flip the script to complaint-like messaging.

This can add wit, sarcasm, and humor to your copy.

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5. State Unrealised Benefits

These are the hidden, indirect benefits.

The non-obvious ones that we cannot see, feel, or think about until prompted.

Mostly, these are deep-rooted in our emotions and psychology.

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6. Callback to Insider Reference

Having an inside reference or joke builds a special bond with your customers.

Not everyone gets it + it shows off personality.

Also, there’s a sense of belonging and exclusivity.

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7. Include a Double Meaning

Double meanings are phrases that can be interpreted in two ways.

They grab attention, promote thinking, and get your reader invested.

The game is misdirection + surprise.

Source: Author

What’s your favorite among these and why?

Let me know in the comments!

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