7 Psychological Triggers To Nail Your Ad Copy

Kushagra Oberoi
3 min readSep 3, 2023


Copywriting is 99% psychology.

Most marketers say that but don’t show you how. (And it’s not that complicated either)

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Here are 7 ads I found that are using psychology-based messaging & copywriting to play (and slay) the game better than the competition.

1. Huel

Psychological trigger: Save money

Huel doesn’t just want to sell you the nutrition-based facts of the product.

They sell you on the financial ease of owning lunch for just $3.76/meal.

People buy with their worldviews. Don’t change them. Adjust your messaging.

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2. Casper

Psychological trigger: Liking

Casper has made this amazing ad for their sale weekend.

What triggers the liking is that the ad looks native.

The subject of the ad is a trending visual & audio on Instagram.

Make ads that don’t look like ads.

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3. Jones Road Beauty

Psychological trigger: Social Proof

Jones Road shares an emotional review as part of its ads that resonates with its potential customers.

Plus, the stars and numbers authority at the bottom also helps.

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4. Patek Phillipe

Psychological Trigger: Authority

If a watch is good enough for one of the best scientific minds of the planet, it’ll be good enough for you.

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5. Lumin

Psychological Trigger: Reciprocity

Lumin is giving a heck of a lot of products for free.

This deal invites people into their brand, and if the products are any good, retention is damn near automatic.

Source: Google

6. Spacegoods

Psychological trigger: Curiosity

This ad makes you curious because if you are still drinking coffee and plan on switching, it hits you.

The visual and the aesthetic appeal maintains that curiosity throughout. Sell the click.

Source: Fb Ad Library

7. Hollow Alpaca Socks

Psychological trigger: Exclusivity

The standout feature of these socks are that they are upto 3X warmer than wool.

That invites anticipation and excitement but more importantly, exclusivity.

A very niche set of people need socks THAT warm.

Source: Fb Ad Library

8. Blissy

Psychological trigger: Fear

People are more likely to choose your product if it helps them feel secure.

And positioning your ad like a comparison is a great way to make it 10x more persuasive.

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What are your favorite psychological triggers used in ad copy & messaging?

Let me know in the comments!



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