7 Ways to Write a Landing Page Headline Without Generic Templates

Kushagra Oberoi
3 min readJun 18, 2023


Most people bounce off web pages in 5 seconds.

But what can make them stay for a little longer? Headlines.

Here are 7 frameworks to write *template-free* headlines (with examples) so you know how to hook people right from the start…

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1. Clear Positive Outcome

This headline doesn’t talk about product benefits or features.

It goes straight to what it helps you achieve.

Good chair = comfort = good headline

Good chair = great day at work = better headline.

Lesson: Focus on outcomes.

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2. Be Trendy/Topical

This headline positions the product as a Father’s Day gift which gives a strong reason for people to buy.

It also uses wordplay with the word “Ace” to remain contextual.

Lesson: Be topical/trendy and mix it with a bit of wordplay.

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3. Novel Idea

If you’re doing something unique and better, it’s best to use words like New & Better in your headline.

It makes your messaging simple, easy, and effective.

Lesson: If you bring something new & unique to the table, make sure to communicate it in your messaging.

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4. Appeal to Emotions

People buy with emotions. But justify with logic.

So make sure when you start, you start strong.

Lesson: Benefits are good, but emotions are better.

When you can, start with a strong emotional core.

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5. Make Them Curious

If you have a unique product, you can tease readers with your headline.

Do it in a way that they’ll be excited to find out: “What’s different about this?”

Just like this example where headline teases and subheadline justifies.

Lesson: Prioritize curiosity

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6. Value-first Headline

Simply state what your product does and how it does it.

Clear. Simple. No beating around the bush.

One problem. One solution. One audience.

Lesson: Keep your messaging crystal clear by following the rule of 1.

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7. Timing is Everything

People want everything fast. Right now or never.


→How your product brings quick results

→How much time it saves you

Is a sure-shot way to write a winning headline.

Lesson: Communicate fast results or time saved in the opening.

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