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Cold emails are like the Narnia of the online world. It’s a passage hiding in plain sight that opens you to a world of never-ending possibilities.

I’m romanticizing cold emails for nothing. …

College folks are mostly broke. They don’t have a financial pillar other than their parents. But they have an asset which most people crave.


College is the place to explore your life. The place where you figure out what you actually want to do, to make a living. …

Just like every religion has its holy book, copywriting has it too. It’s called a swipe file, and it’s a must-have for every copywriter, especially newbies.

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Most people are alien to the concept of a swipe file outside of marketing. …

Consistency is one of the most misunderstood words that I’ve come across. On my never-ending journey towards self-improvement.

Well, don’t judge me yet! I have my reasons, and there isn’t a lot. But just enough for me to say it is a misunderstood word.

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The problem is there’s a thin…

Brand positioning feels like the concept out of some sci-fi movie. If you’ve watched the movie inception, you know how it’s like planting an idea into your prospect’s mind.

It’s about getting into your customer’s head but not with electric shocks or hypnosis. By entering their minds with empathy.

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Writing samples can be game-changing for you as an intern or a newbie freelancer. Contrary to popular belief, I think it can actually help you.

It gives you a stage to present your expertise. The chance to show your work and tell why you’re worth it.

Starting out, you don’t…

The homepage is one of the most important pages of your website. If not, the most.

Why? Simply because it is your chance to make a good first impression, and you better not blow it.

The homepage is like your brand’s door to invite visitors into your home. The only…

Freelancing is a lot like juggling. Except, you start with two items, then three, then four, and very soon you’re handling an entire box of items.

It’s the fastest way to learn how to juggle many items. Freelancing does not need your permission to give you an exponential learning curve…

B2B SaaS marketing was the buzzword for 2020. Rings a bell, doesn’t it?

It makes so much sense because of the sheer volume of data available at disposal today. The fact that it’s neatly laid out in a subscription-based cloud service is nothing short of a miracle.

B2B SaaS is…

Have there ever been times where you thought it’s too late now?

Or the ones where you thought, why didn’t I think of this earlier?

Of course, you have.

The real question is whether you have any regrets or no?

Because if you don’t, you’re in a very powerful position…

Kushagra Oberoi

Marketing 📣 || Mental Health💆🏻‍♂️ || Personal Growth 📈

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