How This Brand Shitposts Like a Pro (And Gets Away With It)

Kushagra Oberoi
3 min readFeb 18, 2024

As a brand, it’s tricky to sound like a human. Anybody can call out your bullshit. I mean c’mon, you’re a company with employees goddammit.

How can you sound like a human, right?

But let me tell you…it’s not just humor, wit, and sarcasm that help.

It’s the way you deliver it.

And what’s a great way? Don’t take your messaging and communication so seriously.

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but people love it when brands don’t talk like brands.

If you already have a fun, engaging, and playful tone — try to communicate your messages with a laid-back attitude, light-heartedness, and a chill vibe.

Don’t confuse not taking yourself too seriously to be frivolous.

You still need to do brand building, have a great product, and market hard.

Just the way of delivery changes. And that delivery makes your brand more human.


→More relatable

→More authentic

→More memorable

And now onto 2 great examples from the same brand (one of my favorites)

1. Surreal

I love how unserious this billboard messaging is.

Source: LinkedIn

It’s announcing that the brand is launching in a popular retailer in the UK but doesn’t bother giving any other details.

Instead it plays on the authentic and relatable angle of the founder’s daddy issues.

Not taking your brand too seriously isn’t just fun, it’s also memorable because it sticks.

2. Surreal (Again)

They literally announced their Black Friday sale by posting dog pictures with the message.

Source: LinkedIn

What’s more? They didn’t even bother to talk about the sale or the offer.

That’s a risk but also makes people curious to go and find out discount details on the website.

So how can you implement something similar? Here’s something for you…

3 Tactics

1. Take Risks

There’s no easy way to put it but you have to take the road less traveled.

One of the reasons why Surreal is always in the spotlight is because they dare to do what only a handful of brands have done before.

Try different ideas, formats, or creative ways to present your message.

2. Keep it Personal

Just like Surreal, include stories from the staff and founders to give an insider look into the brand.

People feel more connected when they know the people behind the brand.

Check this out.

3. Don’t Hide Imperfections

Don’t hide the fact that your brand isn’t perfect. Show it proudly to your customers in a sincere way.

It reflects your down-to-earth personality and builds a more relatable bond with your consumers.

Like this campaign from Surreal.

Do you like brands that don’t take itself too seriously?

Let me know in the comments!

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