How to Edit the Most Important Part of Your Landing Page (+ What to Put There)

Kushagra Oberoi
2 min readOct 8, 2023

I came across a local small business called Deeto.

They make superfood-infused natural supplements.

Here’s how I’d make their above-the-fold section better if given a chance.\

Source: Author in Figma

1. Banner

The “Get 10% off” pop-up on the side is breaking the flow of the main copy.

I moved it to the top while giving more context.

That way people will know they’d have to exchange contact info to avail that discount.

2. Headline

The current headline is good but it is more like an explainer. A better fit for a subheadline.

I changed that with a simple sentence.

What it is (Superfoods) + how it helps you (Better life)

3. Subheadline

The only job of a subheadline is to provide more context.

So I demoted the original headline to a subheadline to provide more context.

Superfoods → natural & effective supplements

Better life → Nourish you from the inside out

4. CTA

The previous button looks dull.

Shop now isn’t specific and doesn’t invite you to take action.

The new one focuses on a specific offer.

5. Social Proof

I added social proof just below the button to boost conversions.

It is specific and builds curiosity to check out a product that’s available at a great deal.


What do you think about my page revamp? Let me know in the comments!

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