How to Turn Your Product into an Irresistible NEED with Copywriting

Kushagra Oberoi
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The Secret? Don’t sell a product. Sell a habit.

A good product becomes better if the customer gets addicted. However, addiction is not 100% dependent on how good the product is.

It also depends on how it is marketed.

It also depends on the messaging.

It also depends on the copy.

So let’s talk about how to turn your product into a habit.

First, two truths about habits.

They are hard to make.
They are hard to break.

So understand this…

By positioning your product as a habit, you’re not just selling a one-time purchase. You’re offering a long-term solution that becomes an integral part of your customers’ lives.


You need to market hard with consistent habit-building messaging to turn people into fans.

And then deliver exceptional customer experience to keep them coming back for more.

Forming a habit and keeping one are separate disciplines — both equally important.

Now onto some great examples…

1. Huel

Source: FB Ad Library

What’s great about this ad is its positioning.

Huel = Lunch = Habit

You can have it daily because you are replacing an old, bad habit with a newer, more exciting, and healthier one.

2. Blendjet

Source: FB Ad Library

Blendjet’s marketing and messaging is genius.

They had a great product: a portable blender.

But they never marketed that.

They marketed what’s possible with the blender. Healthy eating.

Look at this ad below…

They say that Blendjet’s making healthy eating more convenient so there’s no reason to eat unhealthy.

Best part? There’s a hidden message.

They are promoting a habit. If Blendjet enables everyone to eat healthier more easily, everyone would want one.

And since it’s portable, cheaper, and more powerful, they’d want to use one daily.

It’s not a blender. It’s a tool for building a long-term habit that’s good for you.

Want to use this habit-building trick in your copy?
Here are 3 actionable tactics to get you started…

1. Highlight Daily Use

If you want to turn your product into a habit, highlight how you use it daily. Both examples I showed you (Huel & Blemdjet) show the daily usage of their products through ads.

Quick trick to do this: Pick a time of the day and associate your product with it.

2. Create Rituals

Show how you people cannot live without your product if they are not using it regularly.

Think of a journal.

You don’t market it by showing the quality of the pages or the sections.

You market it by showing how one customer filled it every night and changed their life with clearer thinking.

3. Do a Before/After Challenge

Before: Negative outlook before using your product

After: Positive results after using your product

Challenge: Set frequency that will build a habit (30-day, 90-day challenges)

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