How to Use Trends in Copywriting?

Kushagra Oberoi
3 min readOct 22, 2023
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Whenever there’s a trend, controversy, or a notable event, brands chime in. You can too, if you’re building a personal brand.

It’s called trend jacking. You hop on a trend and combine it with the context of your brand to gain visibility.

Here’s what all you can cover as a Trend-Jacker:

→Niche trends
→Memes & viral content
→Pop culture references
→News & popular events
→Seasonal events & holidays

When done right, it can go viral overnight. Although, there’s one piece of advice I want to leave you with…

If it’s not a long-term trend, do not use it in your long-term copy like websites, landing pages, or even ads.

If it’s a short-term trend, gain visibility on social media and be done with it in a matter of a day or two.

Now let’s see some great examples…👇🏻

2 Examples

1. Nike

Source: Twitter

Nike released this piece of copy when the world went into lockdown mode because of COVID.

And I love the fact that Nike keeps it so contextual.

Phrases like same team, playing for millions around the world and now is your chance, add so much intensity.

It’s like COVID is our enemy but we’re playing a sport.

The sport of being inside our homes and being a global team helping each other.

So much impact with so little words.

That’s Nike.

2. Zomato

Source: Twitter

Zomato is a master of trend jacking.

Look at how they contextualized the launch of the new iPhone with a Type C port contrasted with Chai, an Indian staple drink.

Type C becomes “Type C on Zomato” for the best charger indicating that Chai indeed is the best thing to refresh you.

Great way to build brand awareness.

Now here are some actionable tactics you can use in real life.

3 Tactics for You

→Keep it Contextual

No matter what the trend, news, or topic is — don’t hop on it until you have a way to include your brand context with the trend.

Never do it for the heck of it because if it goes wrong, it can seriously damage your brand reputation.​

→Timing is Critical

If you cannot act on a trend fast, don’t. Because if you lose the timing, you lose the relevance (unless the trend is long-term).

Use visuals for better recall value and prefer social media as your main medium.​

→Add Value

If your trend-jacking copy/social media post/piece of marketing doesn’t entertain, educate, or inspire, it’s a waste.

Don’t feel the need to hop on everything. Carefully choose where you can add value and then over-deliver.

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