How to Write Sexy Headlines like Porsche

Kushagra Oberoi
3 min readDec 17, 2023

I’ve always loved cars but in the last 2 years, I’ve built a strong liking towards Porsche.

Why? Because their communication & copy have so much wit and style.

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So here are 7 headlines from Porsche I love (and what you can learn from them about communication)

1. Ad 1

You may get lost = You’ll love driving it so much

Not in the crowd = You stand out and will always be exclusively stylish.

Tip: Appeal to status and emotion

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2. Ad 2

This headline compares the speed capability of the Porsche to a freakin’ airplane.

Tip: Do an absurd comparison

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3. Ad 3

I love this headline because it shows how confident the brand is.

Porsche is not just an automotive piece.

It’s someone’s dream car.

Tip: Share a relatable truth

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4. Ad 4

Don’t say your car is fast.

Say how it cannot be outrun.

Tip: Show a use case

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5. Ad 5

Say something controversial.

Flip the script in the next line.

Tip: Use misdirection

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6. Ad 6

Reposition the experience of your product like it’s absolutely essential.

Tip: Switch the context of a popular statement or advice

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7. Ad 7

Talking about durability is boring.

Say how you can pass it down to generations.

Tip: Pick features/benefits that makes your products long-lasting.

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Bonus Spec Ad (from my side)

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What do you feel about Porsche’s ad copy and my spec ad?

Let me know in the comments below!

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