Revealed: Tesla’s Copywriting Secrets

Kushagra Oberoi
3 min readDec 24, 2023

Tesla spends $0 on advertising.

But their copywriting is worth a million dollars.

Source: Author

Why? Check out the brilliant copy on their latest Cybertruck page (a masterclass in writing product copy)

1. Lead with Outcome

❌ It’s not just tough

✔️ It’s built for any planet

Start with an emotion. Justify with logic later.

Source: Author

2. Fight Objections

❌ No Paint

✔️ No Chips

If you do it differently, say why your different is better.

Source: Author

3. Make it Visual

❌ Silent Cabin

✔️ As Quiet as Outer Space

Visualize the experience by being specific. Use similies.

Source: Author

4. Draw Comparisons

❌ 11,000 Pounds Towing Cap

✔️ Equivalent of an Average African Elephant

Start with boring numbers. Draw a comparison to humanize the benefit.

Source: Author

5. Show a Use Case

❌ 340 Miles on a Single Charge

✔️ Enough to Get You Into Backcountry and Beyond

Follow the feature advantage benefit (FAB) framework to show real-life applications.

Source: Author

6. Focus on WHY

❌ Super Speedy

✔️ Dopamine on Tap

People like acceleration because it’s fun and addictive. So say that. Contextually.

Source: Author

7. Use Contrast

❌ Similar Relates

✔️ Opposite Attracts

Contrast is memorable, engaging, and easier to understand.

Source: Author

To sum it up, I have only one thing to say.

It’s less about what you say.

It’s more about how you say.

What’s your favorite tip?

Let me know in the comments below!

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