This is the Difference Between Good & Great Copy.

Kushagra Oberoi
2 min readSep 17, 2023


Good copywriting knows what to say.

Great copywriting knows how to say.

The secret? Positioning.

Here are 7 positioning examples from 7 ads to help you understand an essential copywriting principle that most people ignore.

First, what is positioning?

It’s a process of creating a unique identity for your product, service, or brand.

→It should be better.

→It should stand out.

→It should be different.

The goal is to make it memorable.

Let’s look at the best examples!👇🏻

1. Ricola

It’s not a medicine.

It’s a way to avoid awkward conversations.

Source: Google

2. L. L. Bean

You’re not buying a dog bed.

You are getting a bigger one for yourself.

Source: Google

3. J & B (Scotch Whiskey)

It’s not alcohol.

It’s a way to enjoy Christmas.

Source: Google

4. The Economist

It’s not a news publication.

It’s a mind-expanding substance.

Source: Google

5. Porsche

No such thing as a used or pre-owned Porsche.

Call it “Previously obsessed over” like a professional.

Source: Google

6. Atari

It’s not just your TV anymore.

Now you can turn it into a gaming station.

Source: Google

7. AirBnB

It’s not just a bed & breakfast place.

It’s a place where you can belong anywhere, anytime.

Source: Google

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What’s your favorite positioning headline?

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