Use These 10 Tactics to Price Your Product and Sell 10X More

Kushagra Oberoi
4 min readJul 17, 2022

Pricing Psychology is one of the best ways to differentiate best products from the best-selling ones.

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Here are 10 Pricing Psychology tricks that *actually* help YOU sell better!

1. Reduce the number to your left by one.

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This is called charm pricing.

We read numbers from left to right, and seeing a lower first digit — we perceive the price to be wayyy lower.

2. Use minimal characters

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$1499 is better than $1,499 or $1499.00

Research says that your brain takes more time to perceive these extra characters making the decision seem harder.

3. Make a decoy to sell the ideal

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The decoy effect is when you buy the highest-tier popcorn because the small one is too small…

And the price difference between medium & large makes the latter feel like a wiser choice.

4. Include something for Free

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If the customer is willing to pay for a product and you include something extra for free, the perception of the offer goes up.

What are you more likely to buy?

A t-shirt with free shipping or t-shirt + shipping

Got your answer?

5. Small daily equivalents

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Breaking a large price down to how much it costs to use the product daily makes it feel cheaper.

Think of buying a $365 course v/s Start learning for $1/day.

6. Anchoring

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Customers rely heavily on the first piece of information they see. And use it to guide subsequent decisions.

Basically, if you want to sell something at $399, it’s better to frame it as $̶59̶9̶ $399.

Because people will start perceiving it as a better deal.

7. Sunk Cost Fallacy

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If customers have invested
in a product/service — they are more likely to continue with it.

Even if the cost outweighs the benefits.

Think of Amazon Prime subscription for a minimal fee but ending up spending a fortune on Prime Day.

8. Present pricing as individual installments if financing is available

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Investing in a SaaS tool for $100 for a year sounds more daunting a commitment than…

Start today for as low as $19.99/month.

9. Bundle products

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The consumer mind wants everything fast & easy. So rather than running circles around price comparisons, it’s better to bundle up and provide packaged value.

P.S. DTC & e-commerce brands can use this to increase AOV.

10. Shift from value to a percentage.

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Selling a $20 item at 50% OFF sounds more compelling than getting $10 OFF on the same item.

It’s the same pricing but the number % feels like a far better deal.

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On that note, here’s my question to you…

What’s one pricing psychology tactic that you always fall victim to?
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