What Does Delivering “Value” in a Headline Mean?

Kushagra Oberoi
3 min readSep 24, 2023

90% of headlines I see fail to offer any value.

They pass on information but rarely make an impact.

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That’s why most of your copy remains unread.

If you want to be read—write a better, more valuable headline. Here’s what “value” in a headline means…

1. Tell a Story

People want emotions first, logic later.

Stories help you do that.

Stories + headline = best way to start.

Screw the details, hook with a story.

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2. Use your Wit

If you don’t want to say something directly, don’t.

But make sure whatever you say is interesting to read.

Like this witty headline to hire a video editor that focuses on a core emotional problem.

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3. Fight Objections

Sometimes the best headlines don’t add. They remove.

When in doubt: →Remove objections →Remove friction →Remove limits

Removing objections = taking action faster.

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4. Tease Benefits

Well, this is broad.

You can focus on the direct, usual benefits. Or you can dive deeper into the emotional outcomes. The goal remains the same.

To get people interested, engaged, and excited about the rest of the copy.

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5. Explain your USP

If you have a unique differentiator, use it in your headline.

Because sometimes, the only thing that grabs attention is the exclusive value.

I love how Blendjet is coming back to simpler messaging!👇🏻

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6. Make them Laugh

No tip, trick, or headline hack can beat humor.

It’s a classic technique that works and has no rules.

If you make them laugh, they might like you and if they like you, they are more likely to buy from you.

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7. Flirt with Numbers

Nothing speaks clarity, curiosity, and predictability as well as numbers in your headline.

It’s a tried and tested technique but what you do with it matters more.

I love how Blinkist played with numbers in their headline👇🏻

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8. Show Results & Outcome

It’s simple, people don’t want a product. They want to solve a problem.

They want to go from A→B in the most convenient way possible.

So, start your headlines with Point B and reverse-engineer from there.

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What’s your #1 way to have “value” in a headline?

Let me know!



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